Refinance, Refix or Top Up? Let's do it!

With the cheaper interest rate that currently available in the market, the opportunity is yours to grasp.

You can save money by refinancing or refixing your home mortgage or your bank loan, and open new opportunity to get a better deal. Here's why you should consider refinancing.

  • By refinancing your loan, you will have the opportunity to save money
  • Obtaining a lower interest rate from the best deal available on the market and enjoying a lower monthly repayment
  • You can be debt-free sooner by shortening your mortgage term

What you can expect from us?

Kingdom Home will assist in every stage of your buying process.

  • Help you to know your borrowing power and getting the pre-approval of finance
  • Work out with you in house hunting and accessing the property documents of potential home
  • Coordinate building inspections, valuation and LIMs
  • Negotiating the contracts, attending the auction and negotiating the terms
  • Liaise with the solicitor and bank when declaring the property unconditional
  • Signing loan document and home insurance
  • Carry out pre-settlement inspections
  • Covering the settlement date, possession date, present owners keys, mortgage interest 
  • Providing property management if required

Contact us and make it happen!